Creating hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles adventure

Why do I like cutting Push-fit puzzles ?


Why do I like cutting Push-fit puzzles ? I love playing with shapes and create beautiful interlocking puzzles. But I admit, I also loooove cutting push-fit puzzles .... yes, I know push-fit puzzles are scary for a lot of puzzlers. So why ? Like someone said on FB I can align my cuts to the shape of the image better. Yes, this is true. But not only... I love cutting push-fit because it's putting me in the flow of the Art itself. I feel the lines the artist created. It gives me more freedom to respect the real nature of the...

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Enjoying hand-cut wooden puzzles

A nice hand cut puzzle is pricey, it takes time to choose it, getting excited by the expectation of it, opening the box, touching it.... a really nice feeling ....and finally taking the time to put it together thinking of the person who cut it for me, is an extraordinary sensation.​Enjoying a good puzzle is helping me relax at the end of the day. ​Share a nice time with family or by myself.​​After puzzling for my pleasure since years, I wanted to create my own puzzles line, knowing I wanted to promote my art,  young artist art, and other artists around...

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Why larger pieces?

I am also offering hand cut larger pieces 1/4" thick wood.Larger pieces are easier for adults with hand grasping difficulties.Larger pieces are easier for children learning puzzling.Adults or kids,With difficulties to grab the pieces, or tired after 100 pieces....I want to offer everybody the opportunity of a good puzzle, with pieces they can grab easily, enjoy a good time, relax, and be happy.Have you tried to do a puzzle with someone becoming tired of trying to grab small pieces ?Have you tried to do a puzzle with someone who is not really motivated by too many pieces?it's no fun for them...They want...

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Why Puzzlapy? Hummingbird Hand-cut jigsaw puzzles.

Why Puzzlapy - Hummingbird Hand-cut jigsaw puzzles? Puzzling makes me happy, puzzling was for me a therapy for years.I always thought of Puzzles as "Happy Therapy" .... that's why Puzzlapy !!! Why Hummingbird Hand-cut? You'll find in each of my puzzles, my signature piece, a little hummingbird.Why?  When I was debating on starting, or not, this hand-cut puzzles artisanat adventure...a little hummingbird came by my window (he is leaving in the tree in our yard), I like to think it was a sign.  I like to call him my Little Messenger ;-) Hummingbird are joy, hope, believing in yourself, creativity. and, Hummingbirds...

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