Why Puzzlapy? Hummingbird Hand-cut jigsaw puzzles.

Why Puzzlapy - Hummingbird Hand-cut jigsaw puzzles?
Puzzling makes me happy, puzzling was for me a therapy for years.
I always thought of Puzzles as "Happy Therapy" .... that's why 
Puzzlapy !!!

Why Hummingbird Hand-cut?

You'll find in each of my puzzles, my signature piece, a little hummingbird.

When I was debating on starting, or not, this hand-cut puzzles artisanat adventure...a little hummingbird came by my window (he is leaving in the tree in our yard), I like to think it was a sign. 

I like to call him my Little Messenger ;-)

Hummingbird are joy, hope, believing in yourself, creativity.

and, Hummingbirds are known to be extremely fast, like my blade on my scroll saw when I cut each piece. 🧩 

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