Custom Puzzles ... Family heirloom for generations

Do you want your own puzzle with your own image ?

Do you want to make a special family gift ?

Send me your picture, and I will cut a puzzle for you.

Do you have a family collage that you would like to gift to your relative or have for yourself as a wood puzzle?

Send me your pics collage and I will make it as a puzzle family heirloom.


Custom orders can take more time to create since I will work closely with you to know what you really want, expect, in size, pieces, special shapes. Expect a time frame between 2 to 6 weeks in regular months. 4 to 8 weeks during Holiday Season.

I love to create Unique puzzle, let's talk. I do not do phone call, I'm better with Messenger or email, So do not hesitate to contact me at


My prices are calculated depending on the number of pieces, work and time spend. It can vary from $1.3 to $2 per pieces in addition of shipping and handling. 

Size 8x10 : approximately 180/200 pieces

Size 11x14: approx. 300/350 pieces

Size13x19 : approx 450/500 pieces

see some examples below:

This one  was a 13x19 on 3 layers with Mi-large pieces. The Art was from Steve Sundram artist, who the customer contacted for right of use of his image. I did a lot of design and special shapes on this puzzle with the ideas from the customer and myself. (Dec 2022) -  Read the story on my Blog!


This one was a custom order, with the Right of use of the Art from Azylian, French artist. This puzzle is 11x14 with a lot of lines cutting and some special shapes. - June 2022 - 


This was a special gift for a special someone. 6x8 shaped puzzle, with some special shapes. Using a photo of my own. October 2022.


This one was created for a customer. A Small 5x7, using her own photo. (Dec 2022)


I created this one as a souvenir after our trip to France. (early 2021)