Why do I like cutting Push-fit puzzles ?

Why do I like cutting Push-fit puzzles ?

I love playing with shapes and create beautiful interlocking puzzles.

But I admit, I also loooove cutting push-fit puzzles .... yes, I know push-fit puzzles are scary for a lot of puzzlers. So why ?

Like someone said on FB I can align my cuts to the shape of the image better. Yes, this is true. But not only...

I love cutting push-fit because it's putting me in the flow of the Art itself. I feel the lines the artist created. It gives me more freedom to respect the real nature of the image. I feel at peace with it.

And, I love the result of a push-fit puzzle, when you look at it and you can't barely see the line of the cuts, it's peaceful. It's like the image is intact.

When I put together a push-fit puzzle, from Puzzle Michele Wilson for example, I like to take my time, relax, and be almost in a meditation pace. What about you ? Have you tried ?

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