Welcome to Puzzlapy - Hummingbird hand-cut puzzles

I LOVE a good quality wooden puzzles, especially cut by human hands.

Enjoying doing a nice hand-cut wooden puzzles is an amazing feeling that I love since years. So I decided to start cutting my own puzzles, support young artists, or other artists in my process. I love cutting, playing with the shapes, images, and creating with the flow of each image. I want to believe people can enjoy a nice wooden puzzle as much as I do, trust me in my work.

The loves of puzzles became an artisanat that I am proud to share with you.
                                                         Keep the love of puzzling forever.

🧩 ❤️ Creating Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles ✨ 🎨

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Isabelle, the one and only one behind the scene, from buying the wood, choosing the images or art, hand cutting each pieces, checking each pieces, packaging, shipping.Isabelle

What Handcut means

Handcut means that I use a scroll saw, blades, wood, paper, glue to create a puzzle. I cut each of them one by one, piece after piece, by hand. I'm really careful to examine pieces one at a time before packing, gluing back any tiny piece of paper back if needed. But I'm a human, not a machine, be aware that some fraying can happen in the paper. If you find some fraying, i invite you to use the tip of a toothpick with some white, non glossy glue.

Each of my puzzle are made without any spray, my glue is not in spray, and I protect the art of the puzzle with a natural finish, I do not use spray finish on them, they all have a Matte finish. Thank you.

Now offering more sizes:

In addition of regular 5x7 and 8x11 sizes. I now offer 11x14 and 13x19, if you are interested contact me for a quote.