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"Every Puzzlapy day is a great day" - Becca

✨ Artisane créatrice de puzzles en bois fabriqués à la main 🧩 Chacun de mes puzzles est une création artisanale. Je découpe chaque puzzles individuellement, pièce par pièce. Ce qui rend VOTRE puzzle authentiquement unique.

🧩 Isabelle is creating unique handcut wooden jigsaw puzzles ✨ Each of my puzzles is an artisanal creation, handcut individually, piece by piece. This makes YOUR puzzle authentically unique.

Puzzling makes me happy. "Happy Therapy"... that's why Puzzlapy !

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Why I cut Puzzles

I want to offer everybody, all ages, the opportunity of experiencing a high quality wooden puzzle, with pieces you can grab easily, enjoy a good time, relax, and be happy.

  • I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis and the pieces were easy for me to hold and connect. I know the puzzles are individually cut because my green cactus was cut to it's exact shape vs. what is posted. Mary Ann R. (Fish Bowl - 128p)

  • Isabelle, I am so impressed with the delicate cuts along the color lines. Now that I'm learning to use a scroll saw, I have even more appreciation for how challenging it is to achieve this intricate artistry in hand cut wooden puzzles! You are a master! Becca. (Halloween Dance 103 p)

  • This puzzle was gorgeous and a wonderful challenge for the pieces count. I loves the interesting multi pieces whimsies, the irregular border, and the color line cutting. Bravo, Isabelle ! Christine L. (Summer in the Garden 309p)

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  • If you do not see what you want, I am just an email away ;-)

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