Why larger pieces?

I am also offering hand cut larger pieces 1/4" thick wood.

Larger pieces are easier for adults with hand grasping difficulties.
Larger pieces are easier for children learning puzzling.

Adults or kids,

With difficulties to grab the pieces, or tired after 100 pieces....
I want to offer everybody the opportunity of a good puzzle, with pieces they can grab easily, enjoy a good time, relax, and be happy.

Have you tried to do a puzzle with someone becoming tired of trying to grab small pieces ?
Have you tried to do a puzzle with someone who is not really motivated by too many pieces?
it's no fun for them...They want to do it ... but so frustrating for them.
I always wanted to create larger pieces after seeing the frustration of my own aging parents. My reward, was when I called my mom asking her if she received the puzzles I made for them, 5x7, 75 pieces,...I was expecting a no, like every time I sent her a 300pieces cardboard.
But, at my own surprise, she said, "yes, I did them right away, they were perfect for my Arthrosis hands, and quick to do" .
​There, I was happy  ;-)
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