Creating Puzzles!

What Handcut means

Handcut means that I use a scroll saw, blades, wood, paper, glue to create a puzzle. I cut each pieces one by one, by hand. I examine each pieces before packing, gluing back any tiny lifting edges if needed. I'm a human using a scroll saw, not a laser cut machine, be aware that some fraying can happen in the paper. If you find some fraying, I invite you to use the tip of a toothpick with some white, matte glue.

Each of my puzzle are made without any spray, my glue is not in spray, and I protect the art of the puzzle with a matte finish. Thank you.


Size and Shapes

I'm offering several puzzles sizes 3x4, 5x7, 8x11, 11x14 and 13x19.

I cut from regular size pieces to larger pieces for children and/or person with special needs.

I love lines cutting, playing with the shapes, images, I'm creating with the flow of each image. That is why my puzzles cuts can be intelocking , semi interlocking or push fit.

If you do not see what you want, I am just an email away ;-) - Contact me!

Have you tried a hand-cut wooden puzzle yet ? It is an amazing feeling, from the smell , to the touch, to the artisanat of human hands keeping the tradition of the first puzzles alive.

In my process I support young artists, not well known artists, and my own art!

The loves of wooden puzzles is an artisanat that I am proud to share with you.


Unique Puzzles

Some of my puzzles are Unique - Only One puzzle. I announce them on my weekly Newsletter at the same time of releasing them online. Subscribe to my mailing list above!

I cut the others in limited edition of 5 puzzles only. It's keeping them Unique, but also gives more opportunities for you to grab one before it's too late ;-)