Santa and the Forest Animals
Example of regular pieces
Example of Large pieces
Example of large pieces
Santa and the Forest Animals
Example of large pieces
Example of a 13x19 large pieces
Hummingbird Hand-cuts by Puzzlapy

Santa and the Forest Animals

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Hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle. Unique. Artisan work.
I'm cutting all my jigsaw puzzles by hand myself, each puzzle have a different cut, and make them one of a kind unique jigsaw puzzle.

"Santa and the forest animals" Art is from french artist Corinne St Mleux, image from her original Gouache Painting.

All right Reserved.


It takes me 3 to 7 days for your puzzle to be ready for shipping.

Size 11x 14 : approximately 240 pieces - Matte Finish

Size 13x19: approximately 84 LARGE pieces - Matte finish

Size 8x10 : approximately will be 150 pieces - Matte finish

Size 5x7 : approximately will be 75 pieces - Matte finish


Shipped in a box along with an organic cotton bag.

Materiel : Mahogany, wood nourish, picture protected.

Not a laser cut. All hand-cut manually as you can see on my video.

I'm supporting young and other Artists!
Art is from french artist Corinne StMleux, image from her original acrylic painting.
All right Reserved to the artist.