A review of one of my Puzzle by Bizzlespuzzles on Instagram - January 2022

Did you see the amazing reviews with pictures and video @bizzlespuzzles did while putting one of my puzzles together.?

I invite you to go on her profile and take a look.

Images : https://www.instagram.com/p/CYuxMT6I8fj/ 

Video : https://www.instagram.com/p/CYzNXGkFBbo/

Thank you so much, it's really cool and I love it.


"Wood puzzle lovers, have you done a handcut puzzle yet?
This one comes from the artist @isabelle.puzzlapy - I absolutely could not resist the art. I love the quirkiness SO much! Not only was this puzzle handcut by Isabelle, she also took the photo. She is so, so talented (go follow her!).
I legitimately smiled the entire time I was doing this puzzle. There is a really cool line cut of the cow and mannequins. The background has an organic interlocking flow to the pieces. In all her puzzles, Isabelle has her signature hummingbird piece.
At 208 pieces, this puzzle is the absolute perfect piece to relax to. It's fun, quirky, and interesting with the cutting techniques used. I loved every minute. If you have not tried a handcut puzzle yet, you are 100,000,000% missing out. I enjoy all wooden puzzles but handcut are truly unique and special.
PS I recommend visiting the @isabelle.puzzlapy website and signing up for her newsletter. I bought this one at a discount thanks to a code in her newsletter."

And more from bizzlespuzzles:
"I had to start with the focal point of this puzzle, the mannequins and cow. I expanded outward from there with the house and vibrant blue sky. The grass and trees proved most difficult for me, which is typical for photography puzzles."

🧩 Baltimore Street | 208 pieces | @isabelle.puzzlapy
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