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Emblem of an Era - Norma Jeane

Emblem of an Era - Norma Jeane

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"Emblem of an Era - Norma Jeane


A Unique puzzle you can display!  Signed and numbered collection. This is #3.

This is a push-fit puzzle in a tray. With 144 pieces non-interlocking.

This puzzle is painted on both side to make it even more challenging.

I followed the flow of the art lines to cut it. 

Size 7 x 9 tray included. Puzzle is 6x8 by itself.

I built the tray to fit the puzzle. 

You will receive the puzzle unassembled, out of the tray. 

Comes with a complimentary handmade stainless steel stand for display.

PLEASE NOTE : I didn't want to alter the flow of her beautiful person, you will NOT find my hummingbird signature piece in this puzzle. I signed it inside and drew a humminbird at the back of the tray. 


Stain painted by myself one piece at a time, and varnish.

Tray handmade by myself. 

The display stand is handmade to the size by Mark Metz - , this stand comes disassembled, easy to screw back together.


Material : Poplar wood, water stain paint, sanded, matte finish.

Pattern by Copper Capricorn.


All my jigsaw puzzles are hand-cut by myself, each puzzle have a different cut style, this technique makes each of them one of a kind unique jigsaw puzzle.

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