Valley Of Flowers
Valley Of Flowers
Hummingbird Hand-cuts by Puzzlapy

Valley Of Flowers

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"Valley Of Flowers" Art is from artist Mary Ann Roesler. 

All right Reserved to the Artist.


Made to order:

I'm cutting all my jigsaw puzzles by hand, following the flow of the Art, including some special shapes (whimsies), line cuts along the Art,  interlocking or semi interlocking.

Some special shapes are included in this puzzle

It takes me 3 to 7 days for your puzzle to be ready for shipping.

Numbers of pieces can varies, depending of the cuts, size, style of the puzzles. Calculated based on regular size pieces.

5x7 - approx. 75 pièces or more 

6x8 - approx. 100/120 pièces or more 

8x10 - approx. 180/200 pièces or more.

11x14 - approx. 300/350 pièces or more

13x19 - approx. 450pièces or more


Materiel : Mahogany wood, wood nourish oil on the back, matte finish.


All my jigsaw puzzles are hand-cut by myself, each puzzle have a different cut style, this technique make each of them one of a kind unique jigsaw puzzle.