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Spring Fairy

Spring Fairy

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"Spring Fairy" Art is from artist Elsa Beskow.

I like to keep my puzzles Unique, this puzzle is a Limited Edition of 5. 


Made to Order:

Size is 8x10 with 220 pieces approx. 

Size 11x13 with 300 pieces approx.

This puzzle is following all the lines of the art . 

You will Not find any whimsies in this puzzle but let me know if you would like some.


Made to Order ONLY! (The one in pictures is an example). Each puzzle will be Yours and might differ a little from the one in picture.

It will take me between 7 to 10 days to have it ready for shipping.

Numbers of pieces can varies, depending of the cuts, size, style of the puzzles. Calculated based on regular size pieces.


All my jigsaw puzzles are hand-cut by myself, each puzzle have a different cut style, this technique make each of them one of a kind unique jigsaw puzzle.


Material : Mahogany wood, nourish oil on the back, matte finish.

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