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On both coast

On both coast

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"On both coast"

Art by Dimitri, who is an Ukrainian artist I'm supporting.

I have the right to use some of his images for puzzles, as limited edition.

You can find his Art on Etsy :


This puzzle is unique, and was the last successful result of some tests. Using printed on canvas paper on both side.

The pieces are, because of the thickness of the wood+two canvas sides, fitting really tightly. 

Note, that even if minor, some fraying are on few pieces. (see pictures). Therefore a discount of $30 is already applied to the price for this 5x5 size.

Size 5x5 - 63 pieces, printed on canvas, double sided - Available. Only one ! No whimsies in this one.

This new technique is using more blades and more time to cut. Prices are accordingly to the amount of materiel/work/hours to create them.


Made to order: Only one of each size will be made.

Size 6x6 with approx. 100/120 pieces or more / canvas, double sided /some whimsies

Size 8x8 with approx. 180/200 pieces or more / canvas, double sided /some whimsies

Size 11x11 with approx 250/300 pieces or more / canvas, double sided /some whimsies

I cut this puzzle with regular size pieces. And some lines cut.


Materiel : Mahogany wood, double sided canvas.


All my jigsaw puzzles are hand-cut by myself, each puzzle have a different cut style, this technique make your puzzle one of a kind unique jigsaw puzzle.

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